Wellness area

To help you remain in optimum physical condition during your stay, you are invited to make use of our various spaces dedicated to fitness and relaxation:

The indoor pool: a covered swimming pool from which you can see the snowy peaks,
The gym: to help you maintain your fitness level throughout your stay,
A steam room: a beauty ritual from the East. Our hammam will help you to relax as well as take care of your skin and remove impurities from your body,
A sauna: for a taste of incomparable relaxation. This Finnish ritual has a wealth of virtues: it helps to ease stress, and drive fatigue and toxins from your body,
• Finally, the Pure Altitude Spa, a centre of wellness offering a wide range of body treatments, facials, nail care and pressotherapy, a treatment that helps you to detoxify by stimulating your lymphatic system.

Spa Hours : 1 p.m to 8 p.m

The access to the Spa is not free.
Price per hour : 13€ per person for our clients and 18€ per person for the exterior clients of the hotel



In our efforts to provide for our guests the broadest possible range of services and amenities, the Hotel Saint Charles offers an indoor swimming pool. A unique place where you can enjoy relaxing moments while contemplating the snowy peaks! An incomparable opportunity to take a soothing dip while contemplating nature in all her glory.

Drifting lazily or exercising vigorously in our indoor pool, all tensions will fall away as you relive in your mind the wonderful times spent on the slopes or hiking the trails of the Valley of the Haute Maurienne.

Close to the indoor pool, you will also discover the Japanese bath. Experience the incomparable pleasure of this ritual imported from the Land of the Rising Sun! Designed to cleanse the mind and spirit, the Japanese bath also offers many virtues for the body, especially as the warm water helps to relax muscles made tense by physical activity. A moment you can savour fully after a day of skiing!



Take care of yourself by enjoying the services offered by the Pure Altitude Spa of the Hotel Saint-Charles in Lanslebourg Mont-Cenis! It’s a place fully dedicated to your health and well-being. Our team offers a wide range of treatments for body or face. Discover pressotherapy, a treatment that promotes the body’s natural detoxifying functions by stimulating the venous and lymphatic circulation through successive pressure.

A wellness centre.